Giving is what we do here at The Incredible Church. We are so blessed to be able to sustain a debt-free ministry. Our Bishop and Pastor have built this ministry from the ground up and are constantly seeking out opportunities to connect and expand.


The interior of our Church Headquarters has recently undergone a major renovation and the exterior lot has been paved and black topped, Bishop Baker and Pastor Tanya have funded all projects through their personal income. Our leaders have a pure and sincere passion for feeding the homeless and blessing those who are less fortunate, and in doing so they truly believe that God has increased their wealth. They believe that they are blessed to be a blessing. Bishop teaches on the principles of stewardship and how to live a debt free life, according to the Word of God. God is tired of seeing his people bound by debt. 


The question of where to sow your kingdom seeds is essential to your life. Please rest assured that your giving will directly impact those in need, and will not go into the pockets of our already financially sound Leaders. We are truly doing God's work openly and honestly. So we invite you to plant your seeds today in the Fruitful ground in which The Incredible Church stands! And just watch how God will shower you with his incredible blessings.

3707 Copeland St, Dallas, TX 75210, USA

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(972) 635-3100